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Welcome to  D C Electrical

Based in North Canterbury, we are the electrical specialists with over 25 years’ experience in all aspects of electrical wiring, maintenance and upgrades. 

We are dedicated to providing a professional and prompt service to all our residential, rural and commercial customers across North Canterbury. 

We provide a broad range of services from small electrical repairs around the house, to entire house rewires, new builds, office rewires, additional power points, lighting and more.

We take care of all electrical installations, maintenance and repairs. 


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We have over 25 years’ experience. DC Electrical is registered with the Electrical Wiring Regulations Board. All electrical works carried out to AS/NZS 3000:2007

Areas we service

North Canterbury: Rangiora, Kaiapoi, Woodend, Pegasus, Oxford, Loburn, Sefton, Leithfield­, Amberley Waipara, Waikari, Scargill Valley, Omihi and surrounding areas, and the greater Christchur­ch area.

It is very helpful to find a company that will go above and beyond what is required and keep not only our owners happy but the tenants as well. I have no hesitation in recommending you...

Sally, Real Estate Agent, Christchurch


Fully Qualified Electricans, with over 25 years experience carrying out electrical works in domestic, commercial and industrial environments.


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The benefits of 

   LED Lighting


Benefits of replacing fluorescent tubes with L.E.D. tubes


  • Life span. An average fluorescent tube will last around 10,000 hours but deteriorate in light output after around 7,000 hours of operation. An L.E.D. tube will have an operational life time expectation of up to 70,000 hours
  • Maintenance. Cost of maintaining L.E.D tubes are minimal compared to the regular replacement of conventional fluorescent tubes
  • Energy consumption. L.E.D. tubes use approximately 30% of the power of a fluorescent tube saving $’s on your energy bill
  • Efficiency. Fluorescent lighting is affected by temperature. They work best in mild room temperatures. If the room temperature increases or decreases significantly, it affects the tube and quality of the light. L.E.D. tubes are not affected by room temperatures , therefore you will get the same energy savings no matter what time of year
  • Lighting quality. L.E.D. tubes generate bright directional lighting meaning you can have the light you need exactly where you want it. Fluorescent lighting is not as bright and dissipates easily
  • Environmental and safety concerns. Fluorescent tubes contain Mercury, which is harmful to a person or the environment when the tube breaks and have to be disposed of properly. L.E.D. tubes are safe to use, have no mercury or toxic materials and are easy to dispose of

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